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Installation of tank above groundLiquefied petroleum gases (LPG) are fuels derived from oil or natural gas. From among the LPG, one of the most significant is Propane Gas, a hydrocarbon composed of carbon and hydrogen atoms, that give it important advantages over other forms of energy.Bulk Propane Gas offers great reliability of use, convenience and flexibility of consumption, as it can be stored in high capacity external tanks, providing a large degree of self-reliance.  


Advantages of Propane Gas compared to other forms of energySubir

  • It lengthens the life of the appliances used in its consumption.
  • It is economic in comparison with other forms of energy.
  • It has great heating value. Propane provides 22,000 kcal/litre.
  • It is neither toxic nor harmful.
  • It is clean burning, produces no smoke or soot and is therefore considered to be an environment-friendly form of energy.
  • It is convenient: easy to supply and simple to maintain.
  • As it is in gas form, it is easy to regulate, thus increasing the performance of the appliances.
  • It is versatile as the same fuel can be used in various applications for the same business.
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Advantages offered by GASINDUR Subir

Installation of tank above ground
  • We carry out complete gas projects including "turn-key" installation.
  • We draw up and implement projects for heating and air conditioning systems.
  • Reduced price adjusted to each customer.
  • Rapid supply, in tankers equipped with the most up-to-date supply systems.
  • Service of telemetering of tanks.
  • Full maintenance and 24 hour emergency service.
  • We advise our customers on the systems or methods of energy to use, in order to obtain the maximum efficiency from their equipment, with the minimum environmental impact.

Applications Subir

Suitable for any kind of business: bakeries, hotels, spas, sports-centres, hospitals, old age homes, restaurants, farms, slaughterhouses, drying kilns, greenhouses, etc.

  • Domestic hot water: in heaters, storage heaters and hot water generators.
  • Businesses with a high demand for hot water.
  • Heating: for boilers and burners in all kind of industry.
  • Air conditioning: using gas operated heat pumps and coolers.
  • Domestic and industrial kitchens with fryers and ovens.
  • Laundromats: for use in washing machines, tumble dryers and clothes pressers. Processes of industrial steam: in steam boiler burners.
  • Industrial heating: for hot air generators, air curtains and radiant tubes.
  • Burners for industry of any kind.


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Installation of underground tank


Gasindur supplies Propane Gas to all kinds of businesses throughout Spain (hotels, restaurants, old-age homes, farms, etc).



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You can send your inquiries to the Propane Gas Marketing Department, Tlf.- +34 902 123 450